Tax group pros

Tax Group Pros
Tax Group Pros

2020: TGP Pro – Automation Specialist

Challenge: TGP Pro needed to automate their business by doing fewer manual tasks, finding new marketing strategies to grow their client base, and creating a system for managing their partners more effectively.

15X Business Hacker’s Solution: We assisted CEO Rashad Williams with building custom CRM solutions to automate several functions.

– Consulted on

  • –  Brand Development
  • –  Partner Management
  • –  Workload Management- Created
  • –  Operations Plans
  • –  Marketing Road Maps
  • –  CRM system for Admin, Marketing, & Sales- Assisted with
  • –  Training
  • –  Process Design
  • –  Process Management

2020: TGP Pro – Automation Specialist

Results: So far, TGP Pro reduced the amount of manual labor by 40% through automation and increase their

productivity by 50%. They reach clients more effectively and are booking more appointments than ever for their tax service. We continue to work with TGP Pro to increase their automation and reconstruct their business operations.

  • Branding
  • Software
  • Design
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