Direct Mail Services

What are Direct Mail Services?

Direct Mail is a type of marketing that sends promotional material through a courier service to a home or business address. This can be in the form of letters, flyers, newsletters, catalogs, postcards, packages, and much more. At Modern Postcard, we believe Direct Mail has the ability to acquire new customers for your business and increase sales.

Why Should You Use Direct Mail Services?

Direct Mail marketing services are extremely effective as it helps businesses deliver the right message to someone who needs or wants the product or service being advertised.

Direct Mail exclusively targets those customers who are most likely to be interested in the product being advertised, as opposed to advertising, which speaks to everyone in the hope that your target audience hears the message.

Direct Mail mailing services can be used for a variety of purposes including:

➣ Seeking new orders
➣ Generating leads
➣ Creating a positive brand image
➣ Cross-selling to current customers
➣ Increasing brand loyalty
➣ Boosting repeat business

Advantages of Direct Mail Services

Although online communication methods are very popular today, direct mail stands out for having a fantastic open rate that may easily reach up to 100%. Numerous benefits can be derived through direct mail services such as:

➣ Direct Mail services can help you target an audience. With direct mail printing and mailing services, you can adjust messages to a specific audience. Direct mail allows you to send customers offers that are tailored to their needs or purchasing preferences. Direct mail services will help you target the right audience.

➣ Direct Mail marketing services can help you decide on a tangible format. Since customers receive mail daily, the likelihood of the message being received is higher. Additionally, customers are more inclined to trust the information when they have a physical copy. Direct mail services can help you choose the best format for your message.

➣ Direct Mail services can customize your message. Advertising direct mail services can help you analyze customers’ previous buying history so you can make your message appeal to each person individually.

➣ Direct Mail printing services deliver results. With direct mail services, you can start to see more sales, collect more data, and view the success of your marketing campaign.

➣ Direct Mail service is a cost-effective option. The marketing campaign for direct mail can be simple and affordable. Mass mail also lowers the cost of running the campaign. Direct mailing services assist in the creation of an effective marketing strategy so you can achieve the results you’re looking for.

What Do Direct Mail Printing Services Cost?

Direct mail can be a low-cost way to get amazing results. The cost of direct mail services can range from as little as $0.22 to as much as $1.03 for each piece of mail. Direct mail services pricing depends on the design, copywriting, direct mail lists, printing, and distribution. If you want to get the most value for your money, it is best to work with an in-house company that has the capacity to produce attention-grabbing designs and messaging.

With Modern Postcard, you’ll collaborate with a group of expert direct mail specialists and creative experts to assure smooth creation, printing, mailing, and shipping at the best prices.
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