Meet the team

We are a group of experienced professionals in business, finance, and digital marketing.

We have joined forces to create a powerhouse consulting firm to help agencies, influencers, and celebrities grow their brands.

We put a strong focus on building brands holistically to provide a wholesome experience for business owners.

Marwyn Allen
Chief Executive Officer

The concept of 15X Business Hacker was created by our founder Marwyn Allen, an energetic business-minded professional, in early 2019. In November of that year, the seed was later planted when he met Cassie Warukira, a personal development enthusiast with an innate entrepreneurial mindset. They met at a private coaching conference in Dallas, Texas.
They realized they shared a similar vision and were in 2 different spaces that would create a powerhouse in the industry if combined. Marwyn, being a systems and operations enthusiast, developed his skills in that area while also finding systems that would help the business.

Yannick Benavides (Leeo)
Chief Operation Officer

Meet your client care and human relations enthusiast, Chief Operating Officer of 15X Business solutions, with a strong stance on morality and culture. Ensuring a client’s experience is nothing less than exceptional. Realized building a company is more than growing a brand but more so cultivating culture and building relationships. Marwyn and Yannick (Leeo) teamed up to bring the solutions that many companies are trying to find.
I have over 7+ years of experience in sales and have been mentored by some of the most highly experienced business, marketing, and sales experts in the industry. I am here, ready to serve, and ready to make business development and automation fun!

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15x Business Solutions

Who are we?

“We are a business expansion and automation agency”

“We are experts at Systems Development”

“We help agencies, online e-commerce, and retail store owners grow their business by providing a suite of services that covers business development, automation, marketing, sales strategy, pricing strategy, market research, website design, and SEO optimization.

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