More and more consumers are online; digital marketing is an immediate way to reach them. Traditional marketing can no longer reach people quite like digital marketing. With so many people online, it’s essential for businesses to be online as well. As our online presence continues to grow, the way we make online purchases will continue to evolve. We help businesses recognize the importance of using many different digital marketing channels.

We help startups launch and succeed very fast

Web Design

We ONLY design High-End, High quality, functional websites. Our websites are fully automated to manage customer service inquiries, appointments, lead nurturing and lead conversion. We create and deploy websites very quickly to meet your business needs and ensure that your site is being hosted on very fast and efficient servers.

Marketing Strategy

Having a defined and well-researched marketing strategy is key to your business’s success. We help you with market research, pricing strategy, marketing roadmap design, and lead generation. If you are still in a place of not being sure who to target, what to charge, how to execute your marketing plan, or what tools to use with your marketing and sales then you are in the right place!

Marketing Automation

If you don’t want to be hands-on with your marketing, we can take care of your foundational marketing for you every month. For only $250 a month, you send us the content you want to send out to your clients, and we get this out to your clients at your designated date and time. In this package you get 10 SMS campaigns, 10 mail campaigns or newsletters, 10 change requests for campaign updates, sales funnel updates, trigger updates, form updates.

Sales Funnel Design

Need targeted sales to funnel for an online course, product, coaching program, or service? We can make it happen! We design sales funnels with strategy and quality in mind. We have over 3 years in sales funnel design, 5+ years in marketing strategy, and high expertise in automation in order to make your experience with us tremendously worth it. Don’t waste time and money designing a funnel on your own. You bring the content, or we can create the content for you. A minimum of 2 steps to your funnel is required for using this service.

Logo Design

Our Logo Design Package is like none other because we don’t just give you a logo, we give you the most important identifying symbol that represents your brand, something that defines your brand’s mission, vision, and culture. This package comes with multiple file formats and color variations of your logo, and your logo is Animated professionally and delivered as an MP4 to be used in social media videos, on websites, sales funnels, and other branding purposes.

Social Media Buildout or Revamp

The 15X Social Media Buildout is a total rollout of your brand’s digital footprint. We will create and launch your brand on various social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This package includes logo resizing, banner creation, copywriting, adding services, adding contact details to pages, and other basic setup tasks.

Service Catalog or Portfolio

Let us make a list and description of all your products, services, or clients and create an amazing catalog or portfolio for you. Up to 15 Pages, we will create stunning copy, graphic images, and a branded unforgettable layout that you, your clients, and your potential investors will love.

Pay-Per-Click by Google

Do you want to grow your customer base with the right audience that converts? Partner with 15X Business Solutions today as we take every detail about your target audience into consideration. We help create custom PPC strategies for your business while working with you to advertise your business on Google (using search, display, and shopping ads) as per your business goal. We target YouTube ads and research keywords for your campaign while creatively coming up with custom ad copies that are proven to work.


Do you have a website but are still struggling to rank on the first page of your browser? 15X Business Solutions is ready to work with you to help you reach and maintain your SEO goals. Our SEO team will help you carry out research and identify the right keywords or key phrases for your business. We will continuously optimize and update your website to keep you in the game. We will improve the user experience while building quality links to your website. We will also provide online directory listing maintenance.

We help startups launch and succeed very fast

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