Welcome to the ultimate All-In-One CRM Solution

Watch this to see the 15X CRM in Action

A CRM allows you to track and communicate with all of your clients, interact with team-mates, communicate with partners, schedule tasks, track projects, revenue, and so much more.


  • Used for Project Management
  • General day to day business operations
  • Used for calendar management
  • Used for client & staff communication
  • Used for lead generation and nurturing
  • Used for automating 80% of all business functions

15X CRM Dashboard

  • View your overall BUSINESS status
  • Pipeline Value
  • Opportunities within each Pipeline
  • Conversion rate health
  • View Google My Business report
  • Review business ratings
  • View top lead sources
  • View all tasks

15X CRM Dashboard

  • View and manage all team members
  • Assign custom permissions
  • Place team members in groups
  • Create multiple business numbers
  • Make calls from anywhere
  • Advanced call tracking reports
  • Custom whisper messages

15X CRM Team Management

  • View & manage all appointments
  • Share calendar with team
  • Automate your schedule
  • Charge for appointments
  • View and send Emails or SMS
  • Create SMS and Email templates
  • See outgoing/incoming calls

15X CRM Team University

  • View project progress
  • View pipeline value
  • Helps with process management
  • Manage daily tasks
  • Create stunning funnels
  • Custom HTML pages
  • Custom built forms
  • 100% automation

15X CRM Lead Generation

  • Create custom training portals
  • New hire onboarding
  • Store resources in one location
  • Create FREE or paid Digital Courses
  • MailGun & Twilio
  • Stripe
  • Zapier
  • Google
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