KC Creatives Pro

KC Creatives Pro
KC Creatives Pro

April 2021 – Current : KC Creatives Pro – Operations Management

Challenge: KC Creatives Pro lacked processes, standardized workflow, appointment system, marketing plan, and marketing systems. The business was overwhelmed with work and didn’t have the workforce to manage it appropriately.

15X Business Hacker’s Solution: We assisted CEO Keelan Crossdale with a full business reconstruction.

 Consulted on:
– Business Foundation
– Business & Brand Development
– Management, Operations, Processes, & Policies

– Expansion Plan
– Restructuring Plan
– Marketing Road Map
– CRM System Build Out

  Assisted with
– The Hiring Process
– Process Design & Management
– Employee Onboarding & Training

Results: KC Creatives Pro has doubled their daily appointments due to new client onboarding strategies and proper delegation of work to their new trained team. The CRM System is efficiently managing appointments, marketing systems, and customer inquiries. We are still working with them to implement new marketing strategies, processes, and tools to further improve their sales and productivity.
  • Branding
  • Software
  • Design
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