IT Tech Central

IT Tech Central
Project Description
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2018 – Current : IT Tech Central – Operations Manager

Challenge: IT Tech Central was a new startup in need of a full business buildout and branding strategies. They also needed help finding people and building out their processes with the goals of scaling the business and relieving pressure off management.

15X Business Hacker’s Solution: We assisted CEO Christian Kanche with a full business reconstruction.

  • –  Consulted on
    • –  Business Foundation
    • –  Business & Brand Development
    • –  Management, Operations, Processes, & Policies
  • –  Created
    • –  Business plan
    • –  Expansion Plan
    • –  Restructuring Plan
    • –  Marketing Road Map
  • –  Assisted with
    • –  The Hiring Process
    • –  Process Design & Management
    • –  Employee Onboarding & Training

Results: IT Tech Central CEO was able to relieve the pressure he was under and delegate work to other contractors which resulted in increasing the number of clients, revenue, and overall productivity. We are continuing to work with IT Tech Central to improve systems and processes.

  • Branding
  • Software
  • Design
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